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    Case I

    Market Research

    Client Background

    This client is a market research company that provides clinical market analysis to various companies in UK & UAE. This company conducts clinical survey in UAE & makes an analysis report for their clients.

    The Need

    The client sought to create an analysis based on clinical survey conducted every quarter, which should be done by following ways :
    • Make the survey forms in electronic data format.
    • Provide a solution to view analysis reports online through web application. These reports should carry the tabulation information of all survey forms according to the data fields. Also this analysis should include the comparison analysis of all quarter data.
    The solution needed to be cost-effective, informative, and would require a specific time frame to deliver the information. The project requirement may vary on the nature of survey.
    The Solution We divided this project into two activities i.e. making the survey form database & creating the analysis reports in the tabulation format. Project plan is been made to execute both the activities efficiently.
    We have then created a dynamic application to enter the survey form data & to create final reports. Entire application is been tested with sample forms & established connection to view the online reports. We have then deployed seven team members including one team leader for this project. Out of the entire team we have selected two members to check the final reports & data quality of survey forms.
    All survey data is entered in the database though this application & checked according to the specifications and quality methodologies. After making sure the quality of entries, tabulations reports are created for in-house quality check.

    We have also set the following data checkpoints to make sure the accuracy of final reports:

    • Check report template with all rows & columns.
    • Make the data hand count to make sure the reports are correct & matching with the survey form figures.
    • Check the total number of forms with report figures
    • Checking of total number of fields cross referring in reports.
    So this data is checked and approved by QC team. The reports are then uploaded onto the site for clients' final review.
    The implementation of this process saved clients' cost of manpower & saved TAT to process & upload forms. It also increased the quality & reliability, as client can review these reports online from anywhere.

    Case II

    Form Processing -
    Client Background
    This client is a large bank in USA , having a big transaction of debit & credit cards. This client is also concern on debit/credit card security & having strict security policies for their day to day transactions.
    The Need
    The client receives thousands of debit/credit card applications in the form of hard copies every day. And they wanted to create a database of all those applications, which would help them to track the applicant in a single click of button. Client expected higher accuracy for this output data & within a 24 hours if TAT.
    The Solution
    We analyzed project requirement and decided to make an application which will make sure the fast processing and quality assurance of the output. Process methodology is been designed & prepared a requirement to develop in house application. This methodology carried following important features:
    • Client would provide the debit / credit card applications in the form of scan images & these images will be uploaded onto the secure ftp.
    • Software would track the scan images & will be loaded automatically for further processing.
    • Team will be deployed to process the forms.
    • Three different employees would enter the same application form.
    • All three entries will be compared & updated data will be made accordingly.
    • 100% data proof reading will be done with the images.
    • QC team will choose few sample forms & will be verified. Data will be rejected / accepted according the QC result.
    • Rejected data will be again verified 100% & will be going though QC. This cycle would repeat till the time data is accepted.
    • The accepted data would be uploaded onto the secure ftp & at the same time all images data will be deleted from the floor.
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