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    Why Off-shoring?

    Ø Cost Benefits
    The one prime factor behind off-shoring is cost reduction. Cost reduction strategy is the part of analysis activity for the growth of the business and Off-shoring plays a major role in it.


    Ø Scalability

    The other prime factor is scalability. Organizations outsourcing their processes require their outsourcing partner to have potential to scale up rapidly in line with their growth. However, scalability has to be balanced with product differentiation and domain expertise i.e. availability of resource pool.


    Ø Best Practices

    The one of the important factors is best practices. Organizations are facing mounting pressure to improve business performance. Off-shoring plays a major role in this by providing the following practices

    a. Quality Level
    b. Consolidations of services
    c. Value Additions
    d. Process Improvement (process reengineering)
    e. MIS reports
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